Five years ago, fresh-faced and in love, Jesse and I met in a city new to both of us and discovered we shared a common interest in cycling.

Jesse’s cycling background was stooped in time trials and hours cycling magnificent NZ country roads without any real pleasure other than a personal best. My own was less competitive, yet arguably more peaceful – riding loops around suburban Sydney streets and chasing Darwin sunrises or hoofing it from the monsoonal rains.

Together  we found the best way to discover Perth was by bike. With its gloriously elongated landscape flanked by coast, river, valley and mountains, and with these splendid cycle paths tracking the contours of each! We rode for hours, regularly stopping at delightful cafes for brunch or coffee and cake. In typical gender-biased fashion, Jesse lost weight whilst I gained. Without regret, mind you.

However, what we also discovered, was despite the infrastructure available for cyclists, the clubs and websites promoting cycling; there was no comprehensive online resource for the novice rider or tourist seeking a quick scenic ride. The Department of Transport WA has the most reliable and current maps of the Perth bicycle network, however it is in PDF format and doesn’t translate to a GPS or phone app.

This website aims to bridge the gap between the available infrastructure and the lack of accessible online tools to use it. For there is a wonderful world of pathways, cafes and sights just waiting to be discovered – if only you could find them!

We truely hope you embark on these adventures and enjoy discovering the big and small aspects of Perth as we did.

Yours truely,