Burns Beach to Sorrento Quay

DISTANCE: 13.8km GRADIENT: gentle slopes GRADE: Easy, but watch out for pedestrians on weekends.


Burns Beach marks the start of the most northern extension of the Coastal Path. From here it is almost all shared path until North Fremantle.

It is easy to follow, although it does get busy on the weekend, especially in summer, with beachgoers often taking up the whole width of the path.

In spots, the path stops to go through a carpark, but never fear, you’ll pick it up again on the other side.

What to expect? Think endless coastal views of white sands and turquoise waters. Always best to check the wind strength and direction before heading out (especially for the weaker riders), as a strong headwind can really take the enjoyment out of your day!

If you’re looking for somewhere to refresh and replenish, try these iconic eateries along the way.

Points of interest

  • Burns Beach Cafe and Restaurant makes a great starting point and is popular with the locals!
  • the Couch at Ocean Reef.
  • Mullaloo Beach lookout at the northern most end of the beach.
  • the grand yachts at Hillary’s Boat Harbour.
  • the magnificent coastal sunsets.