Fremantle to Woodman Point

DISTANCE: 11.6 GRADIENT: Flat GRADE: Easy to Medium, small amount of road-riding and navigation required.


Beginning beside the Fremantle railway line, the path is scenic and easy to follow all the way to CY O’Connor Reserve. There’s less traffic here than on the northern coast path, and thus less obstacles. You’re also a lot closer to the water – it literally feels a stone’s throw away.

There’s remnants of history dotted here and there that are like stepping back into Perth’s yesteryear – old abattoir structures, cattle drafting yards, the remains of South Fremantle Power Station looms like a ghostly skeleton on the horizon. All a stark contrast to the polish and shine of new development Port Coogee just around the corner!

Woodman’s Point offers a relaxing ride through bushland paths and the opportunity to get lost many times over! But don’t fear, the reserve is small enough that you’ll find your way out before long.

Points of interest

  • Built in 1830, Fremantle Roundhouse was Perth’s first prison and today is its oldest standing structure.
  • there’s a myth which is perpetuated by its name: the Whalers’ Tunnel, was not in fact to drag whales between ocean and market. Instead used more for personnel and their cargo.
  • the decayed pylons of Robbs Jetty piece together with the remains of the abattoir ashore at CY O’Connor Reserve.
  • Opened in 1951 and with a labour force of 250, South Fremantle Power Station ran for 34 years, eventually closing due to operating inefficiencies. Revamped, it could be seriously stunning.