Woodman Point to Rockingham

DISTANCE: 29.4km GRADE: Medium GRADIENT: Undulating hills and road-riding.

Woodman Pt to Rockingham

This is a ride best kept for the weekends, when the traffic along Cockburn and Rockingham Roads is minimal. It’s not the most beautiful ride at the best of times – having to course through the industrial heartlands of Henderson and Kwinana whilst breathing in the gritty fumes as you tackle the only hills on the ride. However, there are small segments of tranquility which help to bring down the raised blood pressure you’ll experience on this ride! These include a bushland diversion through Beeliar Regional Park, riding along Rockingham and Palm Beach foreshores and watching exuberant kids jump and dive off the jetties into sparkling blue water.

The one disadvantage of making this a weekend ride is the crowds you will face along the coastal shared paths. However, it will likely be quiet enough that you could hop along the road in these parts too – depending on your confidence and experience in negotiating traffic.

The less experienced rider or young families will enjoy simply riding the foreshore parts of this ride, and many do. You see trainer wheels, plastic buggies, and toddlers all scurrying along the beachfront using various modes of transport. Rockingham has really come into its own in the last few years and this ride is a great way to discover all that.

Points of Interest

  • Woodman Point Regional Park spanning 252 hectares and having avoided bushfire for over 100 years, it is a great example of flora and fauna extant during pre-European settlement. It’s also host to various military relics some of which you’ll see dotted around the park and its waters.
  • Beeliar Regional Park is a tranquil reprieve from Cockburn and Henderson road-riding.
  • Watch kids frolicking about on the jutting jetties along Rockingham and Palm Beach foreshores or pull in for a pit-stop at one of the hip and happening cafes that have recently sprung up beach-side.
  • Cape Peron offers another refreshing natural landscape and is host to a similar military history as Woodman Point.