Freeway Rides

If you’re riding for fitness or endurance and not fussed about scenery, these rides are for you. They have length, they don’t muck about with scenic sweeps, bends and landmarks and they are easy to navigate. They’re ideal for commuters and the serious cyclist.

Equally if you are just after a short dash, these rides are great for that too – as they predominately follow the North-South trainline, meaning you can hop on and off at leisure.

During wildflower season, the paths become bedecked with colour and fragance, however there is one hazard to watch out for. Nesting magpies. These aggressive assailants find sport in dive-bombing passersby and don’t discriminate! There are several magpie habitats along the Mitchell Fwy to watch out for, particularly in the parks dotted along the way where you find tall native trees. For tips on fending off these aggressors, check out this link. Alternatively, during breeding season, perhaps stick to a Coastal Ride!

The Mitchell Freeway

Freeway Rides North

The Kwinana Freeway

Freeway Rides South

  1. Mitchell Freeway
  2. Kwinana Freeway