Kwinana Freeway

DISTANCE: 72km in full, but it can be broken down into bite-size pieces using the adjacent train stations as your exit/entry points GRADIENT: Gradual inclines and declines, but predominately flat GRADE: Depending on length, can be challenging to medium

Freeway Rides South

Wanting a marathon cycle? This one’s for you! Seeking something slightly less challenging? The north-south trainline runs parallel to most of this route so train stations are readily accessible as exit points.

The beauty of this ride is not only the regular entry and exit points via the trainline, but this is such a sleek, straight route that you are bound to get maximum km’s for minimum fuss.Work those legs!

Like the Mitchell Fwy ride, you won’t be choosing this ride for its scenic value. However, as with the Mitchell Fwy, during Spring, the bursts of wildflower colour and fragrance put this ride on our priority list.

The path seems to peter out along the freeway in Mandurah, so we take the Mandjoogoordap Dr exit and follow it towards Mandurah Stn. There is both a shoulder and a cycle path further along which make it a relatively pleasant trek to the station.

Points of Interest

  • The Swan and Canning Rivers are iconic Perth. Don’t be distracted by the potential for scenic rides along these… or perhaps do!
  • Just past Murdoch Stn, there are numerous exits from the freeway path which will take you to Beeliar Regional Park, Bibra Lake and North Lake. There’s several shaded paths around these lakes and through the park if you find yourself tiring of the freeway or are just after some variation.