Handy Links

Here are some other links you may find useful for your day-to-day cycling experience:

Bureau of Meteorology Mobile App is a fantastic tool for checking out weather forecasts, temperatures and most importantly, wind direction! We always jump on a tailwind given the chance!

The Urban List, Perth We particularly like this website as it gives a lowdown on where all the hip and happening are hanging out in Perth. The best new cafe? It’s here. Cool things to do in Summer – here. New cocktail bar (okay probably not appropriate for your ride experience) – here. But still, some great inspo for getting out and about in Perth and planning your ride around it’s food scene and events.

Visit Perth City is a somewhat clunky website put together by the Perth City Council. It also seems to roll through a charade of sponsored ads which is somewhat frustrating when you really just want a time efficient lowdown of what’s on. However, for all it’s downfalls, it is comprehensive, and you can filter – which is highly recommended.

Weekend Notes This is quite a cool little website which you can customise depending on which town/city you are in. It’s a collaboration from local contributors so in some respects can seem a bit rough around the edges, but in other ways it is very genuine and comes up with some quirky suggestions and ideas for what to see and do.

Weekend Notes