Lake Joondalup



Easily accessible and well-maintained, Lake Joondalup offers a ride that caters for the whole family. You’ll see a mix of lycra-clad cyclists, children haphazardly careening on small bikes and well-intentioned walkers enjoying the beauty of the bushland and lake.

And beautiful it is! From the dappled shade of native bushland to the eery, yellow light coursing through the conifer plantation, plus great stretches of bright green playing fields, this lake seems to have it all. The path is peaceful, easy to follow, and brimming with wildlife. Not only will you see wallabies, lizards, turtles and other less desirable reptiles(!), this park is also home to an abundance of spectacular birds, from parrots to honey eaters to kingfishers and more. Keep an eye out and you’ll be sure to be rewarded!

Points of interest

  • The Oor-dal-kalla people were the original inhabitants of the area and named the lake Doondalup, meaning ‘lake that glistens’.
  • The City of Joondalup has proposed a Bike Plan 2016-2021 which sees itself as promoting a bike friendly and supportive city. High-5!
  • According to Wikipedia, Lake Joondalup’s other name is Snake Island – alluding to its healthy population of tiger snakes and dugites amongst the bushland and wetlands!