Lake Monger



Not far from the city and even closer to the wonderful eat streets of Leederville, Lake Monger offers a restful retreat from the daily grind of inner-city living.

The shared path follows the outline of the lake, and you will find yourself amongst tight-bottomed walkers, a convoy of prams and the odd frisky poodle. With a delightful view of the city skyline and such a peaceful expanse of lake, it’s no wonder so many enjoy this pretty path.

Points of interest

  • Known as Galup, the lake was an important hunting and camping ground to its early Aboriginal inhabitants.
  • European settlement of the area began in the 1800s, hastened by the Gold Rush. During this time the lake was referred to simple as Triangle or Large Lake.
  • Lake Monger is currently undergoing an ecological restoration project, due for completion in 2018; with the aim to restore breeding habitats of local fauna, improve water quality and enhance the aesthetics of the lake.