Three Lakes

DISTANCE: 13.5km GRADIENT: Small undulations with a steeper rise/fall between Greenwood Stn and Lake Goollelal GRADE: Medium


We’ve graded this ride as ‘medium’ due to the the requirement to cross some fairly major roads and the steepish climb between Lake Goollelal and Greenwood Stn (pending on which direction you choose to ride!).

This ride is a three for one kind of deal – three lakes; one ride! Admittedly you don’t do the full lap of any (although you can if you like!), but you do get a taste of each and it’s a nice way to mix up these rides.

The lakes are really all quite different in character – with Lake Joondalup well manicured and maintained, and also the largest of the three. The lower end of Lake Joondalup is really just a small wetland area, but lovely nevertheless. Finally, Lake Goollelal is the more rugged of the two, and arguably closer to its natural state.

The climb (or descent) between the latter and Greenwood Stn really is something remarkable, mainly because it is one of the latest infrastructure upgrades in the area and a great way of safely connecting one shared path (and main commuting route) with another. We are continually delighted with the ongoing investment in cycling and recreational facilities throughout the city, and this is nothing less!

Points of interest

  • did you know there is a 28km walking trail from Neil Hawkins Park north to Yanchep National Park? Neither did we! It’s called the Yaberoo Budjara Heritage Trail if you’re feeling motivated!
  • the new connecting path between Greenwood Stn and Lake Goollelal actually has a name: it’s called the Robertson Road Cycleway and is part of the larger 2015 Connecting Stations Project Report by the Department of Transport.