River Rides

These rides are delightfully scenic and peaceful as they follow the ebb and flow of the Swan and Canning Rivers and the history that is steeped in each.

The paths are typically flat, predominately shared path, with the exception of north side of the river between Fremantle and the city which involves tackling some large hills and road-side riding.

However, for a ride that impresses tourists and locals alike, we’d recommend one of these!

The Swan River


  1. Elizabeth Quay to Fremantle (north)
  2. Elizabeth Quay to Fremantle (south)
  3. Elizabeth Quay to Guildford
  4. Swan River loop (short)
  5. Swan River loop (long)

The Canning River


  1. Canning River loop (short)
  2. Canning River loop (long)