Elizabeth Quay to Fremantle (north)

DISTANCE: 25.1km GRADIENT: Flat at the start, then regular hills both steep and undulating GRADE: Medium to experienced


One of our favourites, this ride is not for the faint-hearted. There are steep hills and navigation can be tricky, however once you have fumbled and panted your way through once or twice, we promise this ride is a great one!

The key is to stick as close to the water as possible. At times, when you think you are following the path or route, it will take you to a dead end, but usually this is sooner rather than later and doesn’t involve too much back-tracking. Plus it usually means you have seen slightly better water views than the route has to offer! If you can follow the route mapped above, you should be able to avoid these false leads and dead ends.

Our love of this ride stems from the grand houses, smashing views and variation throughout the ride. Coursing in and out of quiet bays, through grandiose suburbs, riding the small moguls of a bushland track and finally the downhill descent into North Fremantle.

It’s not a ride to do with the family or inexperienced riders as they will not enjoy it! But blast along with an experienced or confident rider and you will love this alternate perspective of Perth.

Points of interest

  • Elizabeth Quay partly construction site, partly the-place-to-be-seen if you are a Perth tourist. You’ve just gotta do it!
  • the Old Swan Brewery on the banks of the Swan has had a colourful past as timber mill, flour mill and more recently (1877) brewery. The fresh, clean water of the Swan not to mention its  accessibility making it a natural catalyst for these industries.
  • sculpted by artist Tony Jones and unveiled in 2007, the bronze statue Eliza, is a favourite model for locals wanting to publicly ad-dress the latest local and global issues!
  • the Blue Boathouse, as it is informally known (and most easily recognised!) is arguably the most-photographed icon in Perth. Almost every wedded couple has a Blue Boathouse backdrop!
  • as the first school between Fremantle and Perth, Freshwater Bay Museum warmly embraces the history and culture behind the making of Perth city.