Swan River loop (long)

DISTANCE: 17.1km GRADIENT: Mostly flat GRADE: Easy


An extension of the shorter Swan River loop, the additional 9kms really is worth the effort. You’ll be barely breaking a sweat by the end of the ride as it continues as a flat, easy-to-navigate shared path with ample green space and city views.

Rather than crossing the river at the Causeway, you continue underneath towards the new Burswood Stadium. Thankfully, the city has been considerate of pedestrians and cyclists and reconstructed the shared path through the construction zone. It certainly gives a good snapshot of the progress of the work!

Back across the river via the Graham Farmer Fwy underpass and you’re following the river on its north side. Again an easy and pretty ride, regularly lined with palm trees and disarming views of the city skyline.

Points of interest

  • Perth Stadium and its striking bands of bronze and gold.
  • East Perth Power Station as a pivotal piece of Perth’s history and development as a city.
  • Claisebrook Cove with its bustling riverside cafe culture.
  • the peaceful, shaded ambience of Victoria Gardens.