City Beach to Leederville (via Wembley)

DISTANCE: 9.7km GRADIENT: Gradual ascents and descents throughout the ride GRADE: Medium due to regular small hills and some road-riding

City Beach to Leederville (via Wembley)

You can start this ride where we have mapped or where The Boulevard meets the West Coast Hwy – both begin with the distinguishable maroon shared paths.

This is an undulating ride through the shaded, residential suburbs of Wembley, Floreat and West Leederville. You’ll find yourself passing the sprawling greens of Wembley Golf Course, the angular lines of Cambridge library jutting onto The Boulevard, and navigating along roads lined with federation houses and dripping with purple jacaranda in West Leederville.

A great little connecting ride for seeing how another part of Perth suburbia live. Just watch out for swooping magpies in the spring! Congregating around the small parks along The Boulevard, these aggressive matrons won’t hesitate to score a hit of a helmet or head if you are passing too close!

Points of Interest

  • The Boulevard shopping centre backing onto Beecroft Park has some gorgeous little cafes tucked out the back. Common knowledge to the locals no doubt, but a wonderful unexpected surprise to the passer-by!
  • Towards the eastern end of Ruislip St, St Michael the Archangel Chapel leaps out of an otherwise non-descript suburban street.
  • Meandering through Kimberley, Argyle and Woolwich Sts, you’ll see heritage houses and tiny lanes, and be rewarded in summertime with a purple floriade of jacarandas.