Claremont Station to Fremantle Station

DISTANCE: 11.2km GRADIENT: Mostly flat GRADE: Medium


This cycle path has been recently upgraded and now extends all the way to Grant St Stn. However from here there is some road-riding involved on the shoulder of busy Curtin Ave. For this reason, we class this as a medium grade ride and recommend it for the more confident and experienced riders. We also recommend avoiding peak hour times and weekdays if possible.

If you tire of roadside-riding, you can duck west along any number of side streets and make a bee-line for the coast. Here you can jump back on a footpath/shared path.

Alternatively, Curtin Ave eventually bumps into the coastline further down the track, where you can choose to jump onto the footpath or stay on the shoulder. It eventually turns back into a shared path opposite the Dingo Flour Mill at Leighton Beach Blvd.

It’s a little tricky heading into Fremantle as the path stops and starts along the way. If you think of yourself as a pedestrian, you should find it relatively easy to navigate. Follow the footpath along Tydeman Rd and it’ll take you back onto the shared path under the railway line. Then it’s relatively easy to follow your nose into Fremantle proper.

Points of interest

  • Claremont Quarters, for its super-trendy shops and cafes!
  • history, art and coffee combine at The Goods Shed, Claremont.
  • cross the railway line at North Fremantle station for some fab cafes along Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle.
  • Allied Mills, more affectionately known as The Dingo Flour Mill, North Fremantle.
  • Port Fremantle docked and propped with robust cargo ships, colourful shipping containers and endless rows of new cars.
  • simply, Fremantle.